Hate Me!

 When My Kids Say They Hate Me…
Often times as parents we have the overwhelming desire to make our kids love us
unconditionally. There have been times that I will give into what they ask for in hopes that
they won’t get mad at me and throw a tantrum. I will make multiple meals just to try to
please everyone in the house because I don’t want to see one of them have a meltdown.
Occasionally I have gone out of my way to do extra things or buy extra things just to see
them smile, happy, thank me, and to hear “I Love You Mom.”
As they are getting older I am not doing those things as much. I don’t go out of my
way to keep them from being mad or throwing tantrums. I don’t go out of my way to please them because who cares if they have a meltdown. I no longer do all those extra things or buy extra things just to receive the conditional “I Love You Mom.” I now prefer to spend time with them reading, drawing, vegging out watching a movie together, and cuddles.
It was hard to get over making the kids happy all the time but its ok for them to
not be happy and pleased all the time. After I started making changes I started noticing
changes in them. They started playing with each other instead of demanding to always b
on the iPad. They will make games to play with one another instead of always wanting to be in front of a television. They may tell me they hate me but they always come back to
apologize and give me a hug afterwards.
I have grown to love to hear my children tell me they hate me. It may not be the
easiest thing to hear some days but I can get over it. My children are learning
responsibility, to love others unconditionally, and to be better in their actions. I have the
sweetest, most loving children and for that I am truly blessed.
-Heather Do

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