I Was Scared Into a Cesarean

February 6, 2012 was an exciting day. I had gestational hypertension and was 39 weeks pregnant that day and was going in to be induced! I was going to meet my little girl or boy that day!

I didn’t educate myself about birth, had no clue about interventions, etc. I just trusted my doctor and my body to get things done. Looking back, now that I’ve been educated in these areas, I can see where things happened that could’ve made a big difference in my birth outcome. They scared me into an epidural before I was even in labor. My doctor broke my water on the way to his office when I was less than 2 cm. After that, there just seemed to be more interventions. At about 4:45pm, my doctor called my room since I was only dilated to a 2 since 6:30am. He told me that we needed to do a cesarean because I wasn’t progressing. I asked if we could wait longer and he then said that if we did, it would more than likely be an emergency situation and then they’d have to waste time assembling the surgical team. So, with tears in my eyes, I agreed.

He never came and explained anything to me, the surgical team rushed in like it was an emergency after I got off the phone, leading to more anxiety. He never announced coming in the room, he just started cutting on me. It wasn’t until my husband commented that I even knew the cesarean had started and that my doctor was there.

We had a boy! I got to kiss him and then he was taken. It was hours before I could hold him because I was extremely sick from the anesthesia. Later, I heard the nurses in the hall comment that my doctor had gotten his way after all and had made it home for a football game he was wanting to watch. Ouch. So that was the real emergency.

Looking back, I wouldn’t have gotten the epidural until I needed it, if at all, and I would not have let him break my bag of waters. They may seem like small things but they could have made a difference.

Education is so important. Learn all that you can! Take a childbirth class or read a great pregnancy and birth book. If I could do it all over again, I would have educated myself.

-Kory Houser

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