All About Placentas!

Throughout history, the placenta has been known as the bed of the child, the brother or sister of the baby and the tree of life. In medieval times, the placenta was said to nurture an unborn child in body and soul.

Several traditions surrounded the placenta throughout ancient times. One tradition was the planting of the placenta to tie the child to the homeland so he or she would not stray. In some cultures it was buried under the home for the family to benefit from its fertile powers. It was also laid out for birds to eat it to help the love between the new parents to grow. Those are just some traditions from different cultures.

The first known mention of placenta consumption goes back to the sixteenth century stating that when a woman has a baby, the placenta is eaten. It was indicated the placenta helped with insufficient lactation, cough, heart disease, dementia and other issues that a person who was “too cool” could benefit from through Traditional Chinese Medicine.

So, what do we do with placentas in modern times? We can encapsulate it for you, make a tincture from it and also make a salve. Wondering the process of how we do this? Feel free to contact us at and we can give you a call and set up an appointment for a complimentary consultation.


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