The Day I Learned What I Was Worth!

There is this magical woman I heard so much about named Randy Patterson,  founder of ProDoula. My partner and I recently had a consult with her and I knew things werent going well when she asked why we were giving up. I was shocked for a second. I am not giving up! What is this crazy woman saying? The more she talked the more emotions I started feeling. I nearly cried, I was angry, confused, and overwhelmed. As the day turned into night I started reflecting back on her words. She is right! All my problems were being used as an excuse to not do things. For some reason I was feeling that i did not deserve happiness or success.
What did i do? I woke up at 6:45 this morning and haven’t stopped since. She was right! Speaking with Randy was like coming up for fresh air, almost as if she breathed life back into me. When I lay down tonight will I feel like the best version of myself? Yes! Everyday I will do something to better myself. I AM WORTH IT! MY KIDS ARE WORTH IT! MY CLIENTS ARE WORTH IT!
What are you doing today?

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