Tips For Involving Littles in the Birth Process

Recently I was at a birth and heard a small child in the hallway. When I looked out the door I noticed a small little wagon with the child being pulled in it. She was holding a boy baby doll.

The parents had her in the room with them while her mother was in labor but had her go outside when it was time to push. I thought it was absolutely wonderful and started thinking of ways that could keep young children involved and engaged during the labor process.

Sometimes children feel left out and the transition can be difficult. During labor, if you are up for it, then some of these activities are simple enough for you to enjoy with your child. Here is a list of some quick and easy activities to keep them involved:

  • Coloring Books with Crayons. You can even find coloring books about pregnancy and new babies!
  • Bring a baby doll with the gender of baby with a blanket
  • Sensory Bags. Make sure to super glue the end that opens to prevent a mess. Link below.
  • Metal Lunch Pail with magnetic numbers and Letters.
  • Your child’s favorite books
  • Use balloons to add popcorn kernels, rice, or anything else that may draw your childs attention. Make sure to tie it tightly.
  • Don’t forget snacks!
  • A pillow and blanket in case your child gets tired and would like a nap.

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