Self Care in Pregnancy

  • Staying Active: I can just see y’all rolling your eyes at this one. I’m sure you’ve already been told more times than you can count to keep active. However, there are certain activities that can make you feel so much better. Swimming is great, you don’t have to swim laps or do aerobics, you can just float. Feeling weightless can definitely make you feel better. Stretches are also great. It can help prevent and alleviate that stiffness and joint pain that tends to accompany pregnancy. Stretches that help open up your pelvis can also relieve discomfort. Stretching is also a great way to stay active while on bed rest, you can do some stretches by yourself and can also enlist your partner to help! image
  • Baths: Baths have a similar benefit to swimming, although not all of us have a tub big enough to fully feel weightless. One pro to swimming is the heat. Unless you are lucky enough to have a heated pool, sometimes that cold water can be a little too bracing. Laying in warm or hot water can help relax all the tension you may hold. Heating pads and rice socks can do it as well but sometimes you just need to relax in a bath. You can add bath products specifically for pregnancy or relaxation and pain relief or just your favorite bath bombs, bubbles, and other sensory experiences.image
  • Calming Scents: Speaking of smell goods, there’s a lot of ways to get your scent on! Some people prefer essential oils either in a diffuser, on your body, or on something soft for you to hold. Candles or plug ins are great as well. Some people like incense, but others are bothered by the smoke. I personally really like herbal sachets. Lavender and chamomile is my favorite mix. Again, there are a lot of products made specifically for pregnancy but anything that makes you feel good is wonderful.image
  • Sex: Pregnancy can definitely play havoc with your libido, so if you’re not feeling it totally never feel like you should have sex. For those whose sex drive is ready to go, give in to those desires! Some may feel insecure and unsexy, but sometimes there’s nothing as satisfying as embracing your sexual self. The increase in oxytocin can make you feel even better! You may need to try out different things to figure out what works for you but it’s great to have your partner dote on you or you can always take things into your own hands.image
  • Naps: A lot of people have problems finding a comfortable way to nap, but the solution is all in the pillows. You can use one between your legs to help open your pelvis, which can feel so relaxing. You can use one at your back to help support yourself. You can use one to support your belly as well, producing that great weightless feeling and help you take the pressure off.image
  • Avoiding webMD: Okay so I’m not talking just about webMD here, I’m talking all the millions of websites that is full of advice and information that can be contradictory, confusing, or scary. As we know, if we go type in whatever symptom we have it’s generally going to turn up cancer or in the case of pregnancy, something horrible happening to the baby. There can also be misinformation that can be harmful and isn’t based on fact at all. Make sure whatever information you’re reading is based on science and backed by trustworthy resources. If you’re worried about something don’t be afraid to ask your doctor. Doulas of course are a great help, we know all the best resources and are happy to help you any time!image

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