Emotions and Early Labor

In early labor, many emotions can be felt by the mother but, rest assured that they are all normal and common feelings to have.

The mother may feel anxious about what she is physically going through.

She may feel uncertain as well. Is what I’m feeling normal? When should I go to the hospital?

She may feel relieved that it is finally that time! She is done being pregnant and ready to meet her bundle of joy.

One emotion that mothers feel, especially first time moms, is scared. They can be scared about what is to come or the health of their baby. Many moms are afraid of the pain associated with childbirth as well.

The mother may feel excited.

Sometimes, mom’s feel frustrated for a number of reasons. Perhaps early labor is lasting longer than they’d like.

Lastly, many moms are just plain nervous. Nervous about their baby’s health; nervous about pain and so on.

Sometimes many moms can feel all of these emotions all at once. These are just some of the main emotions that a mom may experience and again, they are all completely normal.

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