Why I Love Being a Mom

Being a mom to a four year old is completely different than being his mom as a newborn. Now he can talk back, challenge me, annoy me, not listen to me and so on.

So with that said, why do I love being his mom? First and foremost, the unconditional and indescribable love I have for this child is out of this world. Now that he’s older, he can hug me and kiss me and express his love for me.

Next I would say the sense of purpose and importance that being his mom gives me. I work from home and when he’s not at preschool, he’s my motivation to get out of bed earlier that day. He makes me feel important because I am RESPONSIBLE for him; for his safety and well being. Everything I say or do impacts him and his future. That’s a huge responsibility I’ve been blessed with having.

The snuggles. What more can I say? When he comes up to me and says, “Momma, let’s snuggle,” it’s like music to my ears. If I’m blue, he wipes it away and makes me feel joy!

He is dependent on me, although he’s becoming more independent as each day passes. I have to meet his needs. That’s an overwhelming yet wonderful feeling.

I love being a mom because I grew a life inside of me! This little guy is on this planet because of me and my loving husband. He was a result of our love for one another. That’s powerful stuff. I love being a mom!


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