I’m Not Here to Replace Your Partner

Gone are the days when expectant parents were anxiously outside the birthing suite pacing the hall or sitting in the waiting room waiting on the arrival of their baby. Todays expectant partners, loved ones and families are different.

When it comes to the birth of your baby, your partner may want to share as much of that experience with you as possible. They may want to be actively involved but aren’t quite sure how they can be the most helpful. A doula can help your partner and guide them through this special experience feeling confident. With the support of a doula, partners tend to be MORE involved rather than pull away during stressful times.

Today, it is common practice for partners to participate in childbirth education classes and attend prenatal visits with your care provider. A lot of times, the partner is expected to be familiar with the birth process and the language of birth. They’re expected to be knowledgeable of medical procedures and to advocate for you, the birthing woman, in an unfamiliar environment. Doulas can help by interpreting the medical lingo and can provide you with information to make the appropriate decisions and to also facilitate communication between the parents and their care provider.

Doulas are skilled in physical, mental, emotional and informational support. Doulas have experience in the birthing process and also with supporting families going through this process.

Partners have love for the laboring woman and the baby. They also have a history with her, creating a deep connection between them. Partners are also more knowledgeable on how the woman deals with pain and stress and are aware of some ways to better support her.

Doulas support partners too! With a doula, your partner can eat, rest and take breaks all while you’re still being supported.

Partners and doulas are an excellent combination!

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