5 MUST HAVES for Pregnant Women

What do I need to be the most comfortable I can be during the end of my pregnancy?

We get this question A LOT! So, to answer your questions, after a ton of research, we have compiled a list of the top five items you need!

  1. A Pregnancy Pillow. The consensus from several websites was the Moonlight Slumber pillow by Comfort U. Although pricey at around $110.00 on Amazon.com, you will not regret spending that money. Its hard to find another pillow for pregnant women with as much comfort and support as this pregnancy pillow. Even non-pregnant patients use this pillow for back and full-body relief.
  2. A Maternity Support Belt. I recommend, from personal experience as well as many reviews, the Best Cradle maternity belt. It helps reduce swelling of the feet and ankles and helps with back pain. I used this particular belt that was recommended by my care provider because I have scoliosis. This belt significantly reduced my back pain. You can find it on Amazon.com for $54.00. It’s totally worth the investment!
  3. A good Maternity Bra is a must! After reading many, many reviews, women most liked the Women’s Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra by Bravado. It has removable foam molded cups, super soft fabric, NO horrible underwire and it can be easily used after pregnancy, especially if you plan to breast feed. It has one handed nursing clasps. It comes in sizes Small to XXL and can be found on Amazon.com for $49.00.
  4. Shoes are sooo important! In my research I found that Women’s Go Walk by Sketchers are a must! They are light weight and, lets face it, you’re already carrying around enough extra weight so that’s a definite plus! They are very soft, comfortable, and very supportive. Another plus is they can be found in a variety of stores for around $50.00!
  5. Lastly, maternity jeans are obviously a must. AG Maternity Jeans fit most all body types. The material is soft and comfortable and certain styles have great support bands. You can purchase these jeans on destinationmaternity.com starting at around $150.00 per pair. That seems like a lot but several pregnant women swear by these jeans over all other brands!

We hope this blog helps to steer you in the right direction!

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