A Beginners Guide to Bathing Your Newborn

Are you a new parent and a nervous wreck thinking about that first bath you have to give your newborn?

Don’t be! We are here to walk you through it!

So, how often should you bathe your new baby? Many experts say that three times a week should be sufficient for the first year. Bathing your baby more often than that can dry out their skin. You should make sure to thoroughly clean the diaper area when changing diapers though.

For the first few weeks, until the umbilical cord stump falls off, you should not submerge your baby in water, causing the stump to get wet. You should only do sponge baths while the stump is attached to avoid getting it wet.

Babies lose body heat very fast!

For that reason, the room you are bathing baby in should be between 75 and 80 degrees.

Bathe your baby on a flat surface, placing cushioning such as another towel under the baby.

Before beginning, make sure you have gathered all your supplies. You will need mild baby soap, 2 soft washcloths, a towel, cotton rounds, a clean diaper, and clean clothes.

Start by dampening the cotton round in warm water and gently clean around each eye. Use a new cotton round for each eye.

Next, start with a little soap on a warm damp washcloth and begin with baby’s face, neck, and scalp.

Then, use the second washcloth, make sure it’s warm and damp, and rinse the soap off of what you just washed with soap. Dry baby’s head and face and cover with the towel to keep your baby warm. Start washing down the front of baby, again going behind with the damp, warm washcloth and then drying.

Again, DO NOT wash the umbilical cord stump or get it wet.

Do the same with baby’s backside. As soon as you have bathed your baby and they are dry, put on the diaper and clothe the baby.

Once the stump has fallen off, you can place your baby in a small tub for infants. Put approximately 2″ of water in the tub, keep a warm washcloth over baby to keep them warm, and bathe baby in the same manner as before.

Still nervous or have questions? Give us a call and arrange for one of our postpartum Doulas to be there with you! (870) 654-0649.

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