Three Things I Wish I Knew Before I Was in Labor

If I could turn back time, there are 3 things I would have educated myself on before I was in labor. Well, there’s a TON of things I wish I’d known but, I’ll just tell you my top 3 biggest ones!


First of all, I wish I’d known about the “cascade of interventions” during labor. Many maternity care interventions have effects during labor and birth that were unintended. Usually, these effects become new issues that require further interventions. Some things that can lead to a cascade of interventions are laboring in bed rather than moving around and being upright, using Pitocin to help labor progress faster, artificially breaking your water during or before labor and being given medication for pain relief.


Secondly, I whish I knew I could say NO. I could have said, “No, please let my waters break on their own” or, “No, I want to keep laboring if my baby isn’t in distress rather than going straight to a cesarean.” I thought that whatever the doctor said I had to do. I should’ve been more educated.


Lastly, I wish I’d known about a gentle cesarean since, I ultimately ended up having a cesarean. And it wasn’t a gentle one by any means. I didn’t know I could ask to not have both arms strapped to the table so I could touch my son. I would’ve asked for the drape to be lowered so I could have seen him being born. I would have requested skin-to-skin in the operating room.


You only bring a child into this world 1-3 times on average. My very best advice to you is to become educated on everything birth! Write a birth plan, take a child birth education class. Just be as prepared as you can possibly be! If you want the help of someone experienced in all things birth, hire a doula!

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