The Top Questions I am Asked as a Doula

“So, I have a few questions I’d like to ask you!”

That’s how most of my consultations generally start out. I thought, why not write a blog about what I am asked the most to give potential clients a heads up?!

Below you will find the top questions I am asked, as a doula:

I’m always asked, “Where do you live?”

My business is based out of Berryville, AR but, we accommodate families throughout Washington and Benton Counties.

Following that question is ALWAYS, “How will you make it to my birth on time?”

That’s a simple answer. I have a standard doula contract that states I have two hours to get to you from the time you request my presence. When you are about three weeks out from your estimated due date, my doula bag is in my car and with me everywhere I go so that when you call, I can leave where I am at and head to you. “But, you live 45 miles away!” Yes, yes I do. I have never been late to or missed a birth. I typically have an hour drive and still have that extra hour as cushion.

“What if some extraordinary circumstances keep you from being at my birth?”

In the unlikely event that that should happen, I have a back-up doula who will be on call with me. This doula is equally as qualified as I am and can do a wonderful job for you.

Then comes, “Have you ever had to utilize your back up?”

I have been attending births since October of 2014 and not once have I ever used a back up doula to fill in for me. Which also answers the question, “How long have you been doing this?” Well, since October of 2014!

“How many births have you attended?”

To date, I have attended 12 births, non of which have resulted in a cesarean.

“What type of births do you support?”

I support ALL births. Natural, Epidural, Cesarean, you name it, I will support it. Why? Because I am here to support you and what you want. My desire for you is to have the type of birth you want, regardless of what kind it is.

” What made you want to get into this work?”

There’s two factors that got me into this. The first being my own birth experience. Let’s just say it was not what I desired. I decided then I wanted to do something to help other women achieve the births they wanted. The second factor was being present while my cousin gave birth. As I was coaching her the doctor asked if I was her doula. I didn’t know what a doula was and the doctor explained it to me! Then I sought out a training, completed all of that work, and now I am a certified doula!

“What will we do at my prenatal appointment?”

At our prenatal appointment, we will go over comfort measures; things I can do to make you more comfortable, things your husband can do, things we can both do for you. We will work on  your one page birth plan and discuss and concerns you have for your upcoming birth. I’m also always available by phone, text or e-mail once you have signed the contract!

What will you do for me while I’m in labor??

There’s so much I do! I will do everything within my scope and power to make sure you get the birth you want and deserve. I will provide you with comfort measures. Need me to do a double hip squeeze for a few hours? I’m on it! I will support your partner by helping him support you or grabbing him a snack. I had a client whose husband needed to go home and let the dog out. He did because he knew she was in good hands with me! Maybe your partner doesn’t want to leave you, I can update your family in the waiting room! That’s just a fraction of what I physically do for you! I will also support you emotionally. If you want someone to push you to keep going, I’m there. If you want someone to stand back and just do what you request, I’m on that! I will also provide you with fact-based information so you can make an educated decision, should the need for that arise.

And now you know what people typically ask me!

-Kory Houser

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