Kory Houser


Kory is the owner of Premier Doulas of Arkansas

Becoming a parent is an exciting and often scary process. Though almost all look forward to the birth of their babies with great joy, all of the planning, shopping, family stresses and anxiety about the birth can be overwhelming. Navigating through all the conflicting information out there meant to support parents and help them make important decisions is often difficult. All families need nurturing and support through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Kory takes great honor and pleasure in taking on this role. She is very passionate about what she does. She respects that each family’s ideal birth and postpartum experience is unique and that there is no one right way for everyone. She feels that her role as a Doula is to contribute without interference and to offer support and information. Kory is a certified birth doula through DONA International and plans on cross-certifying with ProDoula. She is also a pre-certified postpartum doula through ProDoula. She has attended births at all hospitals from Fayetteville and Rogers to Bentonville and at the Birth Center of Northwest Arkansas. Her services include birth doula support,  postpartum doula care, placenta services and belly binding. Kory is working towards her certification in Childbirth Education with ProDoula. She has lived in Northwest Arkansas her entire life and currently resides with her husband, Mark, and son, Ethan. “As your doula, I want to do all that I can do to help ensure that you are given the chance to have the birthing experience you want. I also and most importantly want to help you to empower yourself as a woman and a mother.”