I have worked alongside Kory in the past as a fellow Doula. She was fantastic and really tuned into what was needed of her. I would recommend Kory as a Doula!


Lydia is an absolute blessing! She is an amazing person and I am so glad she was my doula. She was always available anytime I had questions and always checked in with me throughout my pregnancy. She has such a wealth of knowledge. I was going for a vba2c (vaginal birth after 2 csections) and she was an amazing support and kept me going even after I wanted to give up. Even though I did end up with a repeat csection at 40w2d due to fetal distress, I went into labor on my own and can proudly say that my body is not broken. Absolutely love her and all that she did for me and my family! Very calming, caring, and compassionate!


Lydia Nelson is one beautiful person at heart and she was my post-partum doula after I gave birth to my first child. I feel my post-partum recovery with second degree tears would not have been this fast and easy without her support. She helped me through with all aspects physical, emotional and providing me with all necessary information that a new mom needs. Not only that she helped me with gaining confidence to do little things to my new born which I was so afraid to do. Since my mom was not around me during this crucial time, it was so intense to express my fears, my joys and every little thing I had to say out aloud to, which I could never share with family. Lydia not only became my emotional strength but a beautiful friend too. She is very patient and knowledgeable person. She provided me and my little girl with all the relaxation techniques and helped me with breastfeeding too. I was surprised to see that my 3 day old likes her, she never cries in her arms and is so calm and relaxed with her. My experience with Lydia is beautiful. I would highly recommend her to new moms or moms to be. I am grateful to God to have her when my family is so far away from me.


I have met Kory only few weeks before my due date, since we moved across the country just weeks before our precious daughter arrived. Despite the circumstances and our short relationship, Kory was an invaluable part of my labor and we could not have don’t it without her! When you move across the country and don’t even have a relationship with your doctor delivering a baby in a hospital can be very intimidating, Kory’s presence at the hospital during my labor and birth made it all easy.

Kory’s professionalism is top notch! She worked with the doctors and nurses advocating for me! She really helped me achieved a natural birth that wewere hoping for, and I truly don’t think I would been able to do so without her!Some of the hospital staff did not really seem to welcome the idea of natural birth, yet of the doula presence. However, Kory displayed the highest level of professionalism by working with everyone.

Emotionally – she assured I was mentally comfortable the entire time. She played my favorite music, she massaged, she calmed me down by using her soft and comforting voice!

Physically- she assured my heat pack was constantly warm, she massaged my feet, she provided counter pressure during contractions ( she is a petite lady, but believe me she is strong!!!), she even brought Chapstick, hair band, and her doula bag was full of awesome tools to alleviate the intensity of the experience! She even allowed me to squeeze her arm as hard as I needed during contractions!!!! During actual birth- she was amazing- she coached me thru breathing and helped me focus! The whole thing seems like a dream now, and Kory was there with is the entire time!

I cannot say enough wonderfult things about Kory and the support she provided for me, for my husband, and our son. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering using doula services! She is awesome beyond measures and she will assure that you will have the birth you have envisioned!

Justyna Arora

My journey to a VBAC birth was one of lots of research and uncertainty. I knew starting out with my second pregnancy that I wanted and needed a VBAC since my first birth ended in a highly stressful scary cesarean. My first trimester was crazy with lots of sickness, many ER visits and a great OB who was very supportive of my VBAC decision. At about 6 months into my pregnancy I was coming out of my hyperemisis fog and began to wonder if I needed more support than just a doctor that wasn’t guaranteed to be at my birth and my husband, who was very supportive of this whole VBAC journey, but lets be honest..there is something about having a woman who is rooting you on. So that is how Kory came about, which I am glad how plans are changed, because God knew who I needed as my right hand woman. We had our first meet and greet at 36 weeks gestation and it was realized quickly she’d be the one. I absolutely loved her thoroughness and with a 20 month old keeping me on my toes I was beyond thankful for her knowledge and support for not only myself, but my husband. By the time my prelabor started (3 weeks prior to actual birth) she was there at ALL times I needed her. I was amazed by her wisdom and catering ways to MY birth plan. Little did I know what an asset she would be at the birth. My labor was a long one from start to finish and she was there the entire way coaching my husband and I the whole way. She was my voice when I no longer was inept to give it. The last three hours of my birth were the rockiest and it almost seemed my VBAC was going out the window. Her strength and wiliness plus the work of my wonderful skilled nurse got me my sweet victory after 24 hours of labor (12 being active) and as I sit here typing this I am overwhelmed with gratefulness towards Kory Houser and her BIG help to my once in a lifetime experience. It may sound cliché, but I could NOT have got my successful VBAC and enjoyed it as much if it hadn’t been for her. Thank You!!!

Jade Bunnell