Lydia Nelson is one beautiful person at heart and she was my post-partum doula after I gave birth to my first child. I feel my post-partum recovery with second degree tears would not have been this fast and easy without her support. She helped me through with all aspects physical, emotional and providing me with all necessary information that a new mom needs. Not only that she helped me with gaining confidence to do little things to my new born which I was so afraid to do. Since my mom was not around me during this crucial time, it was so intense to express my fears, my joys and every little thing I had to say out aloud to, which I could never share with family. Lydia not only became my emotional strength but a beautiful friend too. She is very patient and knowledgeable person. She provided me and my little girl with all the relaxation techniques and helped me with breastfeeding too. I was surprised to see that my 3 day old likes her, she never cries in her arms and is so calm and relaxed with her. My experience with Lydia is beautiful. I would highly recommend her to new moms or moms to be. I am grateful to God to have her when my family is so far away from me.