My journey to a VBAC birth was one of lots of research and uncertainty. I knew starting out with my second pregnancy that I wanted and needed a VBAC since my first birth ended in a highly stressful scary cesarean. My first trimester was crazy with lots of sickness, many ER visits and a great OB who was very supportive of my VBAC decision. At about 6 months into my pregnancy I was coming out of my hyperemisis fog and began to wonder if I needed more support than just a doctor that wasn’t guaranteed to be at my birth and my husband, who was very supportive of this whole VBAC journey, but lets be honest..there is something about having a woman who is rooting you on. So that is how Kory came about, which I am glad how plans are changed, because God knew who I needed as my right hand woman. We had our first meet and greet at 36 weeks gestation and it was realized quickly she’d be the one. I absolutely loved her thoroughness and with a 20 month old keeping me on my toes I was beyond thankful for her knowledge and support for not only myself, but my husband. By the time my prelabor started (3 weeks prior to actual birth) she was there at ALL times I needed her. I was amazed by her wisdom and catering ways to MY birth plan. Little did I know what an asset she would be at the birth. My labor was a long one from start to finish and she was there the entire way coaching my husband and I the whole way. She was my voice when I no longer was inept to give it. The last three hours of my birth were the rockiest and it almost seemed my VBAC was going out the window. Her strength and wiliness plus the work of my wonderful skilled nurse got me my sweet victory after 24 hours of labor (12 being active) and as I sit here typing this I am overwhelmed with gratefulness towards Kory Houser and her BIG help to my once in a lifetime experience. It may sound cliché, but I could NOT have got my successful VBAC and enjoyed it as much if it hadn’t been for her. Thank You!!!

Jade Bunnell